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I am Leon Clarke and am now 41 years old and work doing food production in a manufacturing plant. I am a Fitter and Machinist, and have done a Post Trade Binary Robot Programming Certificate. I enjoy scuba diving and computer games. I love and enjoy science fiction reading and writing, and having always been an avid reader, I started to write small short stories. These short chapters of adventure, science fiction became more and more a window into the imagination for me where I expressed how technology and the world changed around me. They eventually blossomed into real endeavors in science fiction writing. Wars raged on television and we became listeners and watchers of wartime carnage as our home time entertainment, and so we accept the fear of our involvement in military struggles. I also became interested in the world of medical science, I recieved a Police Commendation for being involved in the saving of a life.

key ideas

Doom Of The Shem is a science fiction novel that incorporates the horror of military action with the unavoidable hostilities that occur when an alien species invade a planet in search of food. The barbarity of war is brought to light by the work achieved by the nurses and medical personnel of the planets inhabitants. While a full blown military action story emerges from an ensuing war that involves the whole planet. It is especially centered on a squad of the planets army forces, who fight the alien invaders.

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